Safe Ethereum Mixing Web Service

Delivery is blazing fast: we require 10 confirmations only. This means that you get fresh Ethereum sent to you in just 1-2 minutes.

Strictly no taint! Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum uses accounts instead of addresses. This is very bad for privacy. We can fix that.

First you get the clean ETH. The mixing is done later: we spread your ETH to the cloud, to exchanges and markets over a long period of time.

Fail-safe design for complete trust

There are several layers of secure backups in place to preserve coins being mixed. However, as soon as the fresh coins hit your wallet, any logs and traces of the original deposit and your web request are wiped irrevokably. This approach ensures peace of mind in terms of privacy as well as safety of Ethereum coins being distributed. Much of the internet will get a small piece of your ETH in one way or the other, ensuring that any connection you have or had to your old Ethereum account is rendered irrelevant. Any questions? We have answers!